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CP Smokn Easterbonnet

2006 Sorrel Tovero Mare

Smoken White Diamonds
Sorrel Tovero
APHA 657,798
Montana Smoke
Palomino Overo
APHA 278,065
Montana Diamond
Bay Overo
APHA 130,658
Montana Doc
AQHA 961,770
Diamond Jewel Wood
Sorrel Overo
APHA 28,411
Dana Smoke
AQHA 1566655
Mr Gun Smoke
AQHA 157,943
NCHA Certificate of Ability, NCHA $8476, AQHA Superior Cutting, AQHA Show ROM Sire: AQHA Honor Roll Performance, AQHA Superior Performance, APHA ROM Cutting, etc.
Dana Rivers
AQHA 913,253
Mobils Gypsie Queen
Sorrel Tobiano
APHA 89,989
Mr Mobile Bomb
Sorrel Tobiano
APHA 38,322
Joker Bomb
Sorrel Tobiano
APHA 17,950
Miss Good Friday
AQHA 191,064
Billings Bay Hobo
Bay Solid
APHA 57,352
Top Billing
Brown Overo
Robin's Red Hobo
Brandys Bonita
AQHA 3,117,066
Four Forty Ala Bar
AQHA 1,695,332
Four Forty King
AQHA 420,634
Go Man Go
AQHA 82,000
Bunny's Bar Maid
AQHA 204,456
Angel Ala Bars
AQHA 789,579
Alamitos Bar
AQHA 150,623
Johnny Angel
AQHA 565,185
Max's Brandy
AQHA 1,183,922
Brandy's Money
AQHA 833,593
Star Kid
AQHA 61,269
Reeds Rosette
AQHA 298,847
Blow Hard
AQHA 72,880
Blaine's Kings Man
AQHA 30,014
Cookie Five
AQHA 64,549

"Easter" is a well-balanced and muscular filly with all the flashy good looks you could want. She is smart, trainable, and athletic. She was born with all the cutting horse moves. thios horse has been cponsigned to the Rocky Mountain Paint Horse Asscoiation sale at the National Western Stock Show in Denver January 9. See you in Denver!

CP Smokn Easterbonnet Photos

Sue Seyffarth
1145 Henry Rd, Billings, MT 59102
(406) 252-9631

Kris Seyffarth
1805 Mary St, Billings, MT 59105