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Welcome to Cameo Paints - Your Montana Source for Paint Horses

Our History Breeding Paint Horses

In 1948, a young Roundup, Montana rancher with an eye for horseflesh and a dream for the future bought a mare at a dispersal sale. Over 60 years later, his family is still producing top quality working bred APHA Registered Paint Horses based on the bloodline established from this mare, and following the principles of selection he established.

Aurora Star Easterbonnet at three months CP Oreo Blackhawk Jet Rose at 5 months

Our Equine Breeding Philosophy

At Cameo Paints, we breed for consistent conformation, good "cow sense," and performance capability. Because of our tried-and-true horse breeding philosophy, our Paint Horses are a pleasure to ride and can perform consistently in or out of the arena. Of course, as Paint Horses, a bit of color doesn't hurt.

Cameo Paints produces a limited number of top-quality performance bred foals each year. Our breeding program is founded on a broodmare-based bloodline that has been developed over many generations. We have raised, trained, and ridden not only our current mares, but also their mothers, grandmothers, and great-great-great-grandmothers. The occasional mares that have been brought into our band from outside have carefully chosen to fit into our breeding program.

The uniformity of our mares' type and pedigree makes it possible to choose herd sires that will produce offspring that consistently meet our standards. Occasional breeding to outside stallions is used to add the influence of desirable bloodlines. We choose our stallions for top performance bloodlines, especially in cattle events, with an occasional addition of race breeding.

Our goal is to produce top-quality performance horses with enough "cow sense" to do the job in the cutting pen, in the roping arena, or on the open range. They must be conformationally correct to stay sound through a lifetime of performance, athletic enough for reining or any other task, and good enough movers to ride all day comfortably. In addition, we have selected for disposition and trainability for more than 60 years.

Our Offerings

We have young stock for sale at all times (if all the current ones are sold, you can contract for next year's foals). We stand our stallion(s) to a few outside mares each season. We also have boarding facilities. Please choose a link below to see more about any of these offerings.

Sue Seyffarth
1145 Henry Rd, Billings, MT 59102
(406) 252-9631

Kris Seyffarth
1805 Mary St, Billings, MT 59105